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Do You feel confident heading toward retirement?

Pre-retirees are in one of the trickiest life stages as they are finalizing their retirement plans while simultaneously preparing for major life events like caring for aging parents, selling their business, and saving for their own healthcare needs. If you're ages 55-65, retirement is on the horizon. But when you factor in recent high inflation, rising healthcare costs, and market risk, it can feel impossible to be confident that you have enough saved for retirement. At Point 32, we can help walk you through your current financial situation, where you want to be, and put a plan in place that is custom to your stage of life and addresses all of the challenges you may be facing as you approach retirement.

Problems Pre-retirees are facing


We can work with you to determine how inflation will affect the cost-of-living in retirement and how you can make adjustments.

Income gap

We will walk through what your income is now vs what your income will be once you retire with Social Security and pensions to identify any gaps.


We can walk through your Medicare plan and determine possible gaps in your health coverage so that you can feel more prepared.

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